About the Academic Commons

The Academic Commons is home to digital materials related to the academic life, history and mission of Willamette University. By offering a reliable and permanent way for digital publications and data to be found, accessed and cited, the Academic Commons enhances the value of faculty and student research and university publications.

The Academic Commons can play a role in meeting the data management requirements of grant awards.

Formally recognized academic units of the university such as departments, centers, institutes and programs are encouraged to establish Academic Commons collections.



Examples of content that may become part of the Academic Commons include:

  1. Faculty research publications
  2. Student research
  3. Non-published research materials, such as images, datasets, maps and GIS files
  4. Journals, reports, newsletters, and other university publications of academic interest
  5. Documents, images and media files related to the history of the university
  6. Digital recordings of lectures or performances

See the Academic Commons Collection Policy for more information.


Two Collection Types

The Academic Commons supports two collection types:



Copyright ownership is typically retained by the author or creator. The copyright owner must grant the University a non-exclusive right to distribute and preserve any material submitted to the Academic Commons. For more information, see the Academic Commons Copyright Policy.


Other Highlights

Academic Commons content can be accessed through other Willamette University websites and services. Both the Willamette University Archives and the Hallie Ford Museum of Art use the Commons to manage and provide access to their digital collections.

Some Commons image collections can be accessed directly within the Pachyderm 2.0 authoring tool. The Hallie Ford Museum and Willamette University students have used this capability to create and publish multimedia presentations.

Currently, the Hallie Ford Museum's collection highlights web pages are created by linking the Academic Commons with WebEdit, the Willamette University content management system.


What the Academic Commons is not

The Academic Commons is designed for materials of general academic or historical interest that require long-term access and preservation. It cannot be used to manage or distribute digital files for short term personal research, classroom use or group projects.


More Information

For more information about the Academic Commons, or to inquire about creating an Academic Commons collection for your department or project, contact the Academic Commons Staff. See also a summary of Technology used in creating the Academic Commons.