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  • Greiner, Sarah (2013-05-10)
    Out of the Renaissance came myriad pieces of art and literature that expanded and reinterpreted the Christian story of the Creation of the universe and the Fall of Adam and Eve. Of these, few are as well known or provocative ...
  • Church, Noah (2013-04-23)
    This project is a fictional narrative set before the rise of human civilizations; it follows the activities of angels as they struggle to understand their place and purpose under God. Inspired by the Books of Enoch and ...
  • Tolley, Nathan (2014-02-26)
    Even though water imagery has continually been referenced in Whitman scholarship, the functions of water in Whitman’s poetry have, surprisingly, been largely unexplored. In the article “Symbolism in Whitman’s Poems,” M. ...
  • Swan, Isaiah (2013-05-08)
    This project draws on Louis Althusser's views on ideology to address American writer Kurt Vonnegut’s novels Slaughterhouse-Five and Breakfast of Champions as metafictional analyses of the role and usefulness of fiction in ...
  • Williams, Bethany (2013-04-23)
    Brian Doyle’s novel Mink River depicts a world in which the voices and influence of humans and nonhumans are acknowledged and praised. Traditionally in the genre of nature fiction, authors celebrate the beauty and power ...

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