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Intellectual Property

The Willamette University Intellectual Rights and Property Policy describes the ownership of and usage rights for intellectual property created by community members. The following additional provisions apply to content submitted to the Academic Commons.

Community Collections

An author who submits work to the Academic Commons grants the non-exclusive right to publish this content through the Academic Commons site.

Unless other University policies apply to the material, the author or collection owner is free to decide who has access to this content and how long that content remains in the repository. He or she can request that access be restricted, or that the item be withdrawn. The University Library may also limit access or choose to withdraw the work at any time.

University Collections

University Collections are those that have been professionally produced, curated, or enhanced using University Library staff or other University resources. The items in these collections are permanent additions to the Academic Commons and the University will retain a perpetual, non-exclusive right to distribute the work. Before undertaking a collection or publishing project, Academic Commons staff will work with the content owner to reach a simple, fair and mutually beneficial licensing arrangement that is consistent with University policy.

Copyrighted Images

Use of copyrighted images in Academic Commons collections must be consistent with the guidelines established by the Visual Resources Association (VRA). The limited distribution of copyrighted images in a manner consistent with these guidelines is considered to be fair use.

Student Distribution License

As part of the deposit process for student theses and works, all students must agree to the following distribution license.


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