File Formats and Preservation Activities

Below is a list of file formats currently in the Academic Commons Departmental Collections. Files are checked daily for checksum accuracy, and are backed up by WITS. File formats are reviewed every five years for readability.

FormatBitstream CountSupport Level
Adobe PDF 4682 Supported
BMP 2 Known
csv 142 Supported
GIF 3 Supported
JPEG 6668 Supported
License 4706 Known
Microsoft Excel 7 Known
Microsoft Excel XML 54 Unknown
Microsoft Powerpoint 9 Known
Microsoft Powerpoint XML 8 Known
Microsoft Word 102 Known
Microsoft Word XML 120 Known
MPEG 24 Supported
MPEG-4 30 Supported
OpenDocument Text 1 Known
Postscript 2 Supported
RTF 1 Known
Text 4943 Supported
TIFF 194 Supported
Unknown 132 Unknown
Video Quicktime 136 Known
Zip 57 Unknown

NOTE: Text items are mostly extracted text from other formats

File formats last reviewed in 2012. Formats classed 'Unknown' included: .mp3, .vob, mp4, .zip (usually source code, or tarred and compressed copies of jpeg image cds), .wmv . The long term accessibility of these formats is unclear. See the File Preservation Policy page form more information on supported formats.

Ideally we would like to know more detail about these formats, e.g. versions of Word in use. This may be possible with the BitstreamFormat Renovation dspace extension, though it is not officially released, and may not be compatible with current versions of DSpace.