This exhibition was created by McKelvey Mandigo-Stoba, Willamette University '17, during an Archives & Special Collections Internship.

This internship made possible by the generous funding of Sybil Westenhouse. 

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the donation of materials by Eunice Parson and Cary Doucette, as well as by their support of the research leading up to this exhibition by allowing the usage of the images from the Eunice Parsons Papers.

Special Thanks to:

Eunice Parsons, Artist and Donator of the collection

Carey Doucette, Eunice Parsons' Curator and Manager

Mary McRobinson, University Archivist

Amber D'Ambrosio, Archives Manager

Bill Kelm, Systems Librarian and Omeka Instructor Extraordinaire

Willamette University Archives & Special Collections